News | 2015

2015 Reading List

I completed reading only forty-four published books in 2015, which, to be honest, has been a little frustrating. Checking over my reading journal, I see I've abandoned seven different books partway through (at least one at page two hundred), so I didn't count them. I've been working on ignoring my completion compulsion (especially as it relates to reading), so while I don't feel guilty giving up on books that weren't doing it for me, I do wish I could include them in my total. Oh well. Not really that big of a deal.

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Spring Capilano Courses

This spring I'll be offering two creative writing classes at Capilano University--The Story Writer's Workshop and Beyond the First Draft: Revising Your Work. To register, please visit Capilano University.

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Found in Translation

Revista Axxón

I've just had this cool but bizarre experience I'd like to share with you. My story "Recursion," which has already been in print several times (Tesseracts Eleven, 2007; Spinning Whorl, 2006; and Apex Online, 2006), has just been published again. This time, it's appearing in issue 265 of Revista Axxón, a science fiction webzine run by Eduardo J. Carletti out of Argentina. So I guess this means I've now been published in South America! Woohoo!

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Fall Capilano Courses

The Capilano University Continuing Education Course Calendar for Fall 2015 is now out, and on page twenty it says I'll be offering two concurrent fiction classes--The Story Writer's Workshop and How to Build a Story. However, there's a slight typo in the calendar I'd like to clarify: How to Build a Story starts at 6:30 p.m. (not a.m. as printed in the calendar--I certainly would never ask anyone to maintain focus for 14.5 hours straight). If you're interested in honing your fiction skills either in a broader sense (The Story Writer's Workshop), or you'd like a more in-depth focus on story structure (How to Build a Story), I invite your to join us. Please visit Capilano University to register.

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