News | 2017 | A Little Announcement...or Two

I joined Facebook. Only years after everyone else, but, well, there it is. I've resisted for so long--both because I believe corporations co-opting social networking platfoms weakens their value and also, well, I never thought the banalities of my private life were shareworthy. But then someone explained to me the nuances of the Facebook page and how it's different from a Facebook profile. And when that someone works at the publishing house who's going to be publishing my first book, well, I figured I'd better listen.

Oh, um, yeah, that other announcement...that my first book comment I just dropped. Here it is, less coyly spelled-out: I am pleased, no...proud, no...I'm so completely and utterly stoked to announce my first collection of literary short fiction will be published by Thistledown Press in October, 2017! It's called Rage and here's the overview (which I found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads -- Indigo is currently displaying something else):

When our own darkness is mirrored in multi-faceted characters, do we look away in disgust or find the humanity within them? In his debut short fiction collection, John Mavin has slyly exposed themes hidden deep below the surface with breathtaking potency, eloquence, and wit.

Rage follows a loosely interwoven group of people from the fictional town of Dolsens, Ontario. Archaeologists, mountain climbers, priests, musicians, psychics, soldiers, and teens all confront the rage and sorrow of lives based on lies and abuse. Throughout the collection, these people struggle to gain their independence, their dignity, and in some cases, to take revenge. When such content becomes overpowering, Mavin's lyrical and controlled writing keeps us so enmeshed that we cannot look away.

The potent narratives within Rage cast a very specific spell. They hold us close with their suspenseful conflicts and the fearful uncertainty of what a desperate or angry person might do, and are often as dark as they are enlightening.

We're planning a launch party in North Vancouver for mid-October and if you're reading this, you're invited (I'll post details as they're finalized). For now, I'll leave you with the cover art, but just so you know, I'm currently wearing the biggest, most-genuine, shit-eating grin you've probably ever seen.

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