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Last year was my first doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and while it was cool, I did feel a bit burned out. I pledged 52 books (one per week) but (for various reasons) found it hard to make that total. So for this year, I tried a much more reasonable-sounding number--26 (or one book every other week). Apparently, 26 wasn't that good a predication either as I ended the year with 40 published books read. I also discovered I could backfill my Goodreads reading list, so this year I entered all of the books I've read since mid-2005 in their system, and consequently, I think I've now got a better handle on what I can typically read in a year. We'll see next December how close I was.

My four favourite books this year are all by John Gwynne, author of The Faithful and the Fallen series. Malice, Valor, Ruin, and Wrath encompass a fun fantasy story I simply couldn't put down.

Malice by John Gwynne  Valor by John Gwynne  Ruin by John Gwynne  Wrath by John Gwynne

  1. Abercrombie, Joe. Before They Are Hanged.
  2. Abercrombie, Joe. Last Argument of Kings.
  3. Clarke, Susanna. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
  4. Cornwell, Bernard. War of the Wolf.
  5. Coupland, Douglas. Eleanor Rigby.
  6. Coupland, Douglas. Life After God.
  7. DeMeulemeester, Linda. The Secret of Grim Hill.
  8. Drozdowich, Barb. An Author's Guide to Goodreads: How to Network with Millions of Readers.
  9. Erikson, Steven. Gardens of the Moon.
  10. Fogal, Michele. King of Rain.
  11. Fogal, Michele. King of Snowflakes.
  12. Foster, Alan Dean. Nor Crystal Tears.
  13. Gaiman, Neil. Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances.
  14. Gwynne, John. Malice.
  15. Gwynne, John. Ruin.
  16. Gwynne, John. Valor.
  17. Gwynne, John. Wrath.
  18. Hawkin, W.L. To Charm a Killer.
  19. Heinlein, Robert A. The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.
  20. Heinlein, Robert A. Glory Road.
  21. Heinlein, Robert A. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
  22. Heinlein, Robert A. Red Planet.
  23. Humphreys, C.C. Chasing the Wind.
  24. Humphreys, C.C. Plague.
  25. Jackson, Jim. Stones in My Passway.
  26. Larsen, Sonja. Red Star Tattoo: My Life as a Girl Revolutionary.
  27. Lawrence, Mark. Emperor of Thorns.
  28. LeBlanc, Judy. The Promise of Water.
  29. Minkus, Kim. Tuft.
  30. Pessl, Marisha. Night Film.
  31. Redford, Jan. End of the Rope: Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood.
  32. Rucka, Greg. Black Magick, Vol. 1: Awakening, Part One.
  33. Sancha, Sheila. The Luttrell Village: Country Life in the Early Fourteenth Century.
  34. Sanderson, Brandon. The Hero of Ages.
  35. Sanderson, Brandon. The Well of Ascension.
  36. Sapkowski, Andrzej. Season of Storms.
  37. Saul, Jonas. The Future is Written.
  38. Tepper, Sheri S. The Fresco.
  39. Tepper, Sheri S. The Visitor.
  40. Whitty, Ethel. The Light a Body Radiates.

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