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I'm very much looking forward to participating in this year's Creative Ink Festival (May 18 - 20 at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre). When I attended this festival in the past I was both inspired and impressed by the breadth of content offered as well as its focus on speculative and genre writing. This year, not only will I be in a Red Pencil session (where I'll be providing feedback to signed-up festival writers), but I'll also be giving a presentation as well as joining in two panel discussions (each with awesome writers whom I'm also very much looking forward to meeting).

Here are the details (and if you're at the Festival, it would be awesome to see you there):

How to Build a Story

Good stories don't just happen, they're built, and as architects use blueprints, writers need sound structures to create effective emotional journeys for their readers. In this session we'll explore the structural elements shared by all stories (from linear to unconventional), uncover the differences between plot and structure, and give you the tools to build emotionally satisfying stories again and again.
Sunday, May 20, 12:00 pm - Firenze-75

Best Advice I Ever Received

with Adam Dreece (moderator), Brenda Carre, C.C. Humphreys, John Mavin, and Jonas Saul
Save time and effort by coming out to listen to professional authors and artists share the best advice they've received about writing and the publishing industry. Take away lessons that have been passed down to them, as well as ones from their own experiences.
Sunday, May 20, 1:00 pm - Firenze-75

Great Dialogue Breathes Life into a Story

with Brie Wells (moderator), Linda DeMeulemeester, Tyner Gillies, T. G. Shepherd, and John Mavin
How many lines of dialogue from your favourite novel or movie can you recite? Good dialogue sparkles. It has an eavesdropping quality to it, like overhearing a conversation and straining to hear more because it's simply too seductive to ignore. How can an author develop his ear to write dialogue that makes each character distinct and propels the plot in varied ways? In this panel, we will examine tools and tips in writing good dialogue.
Sunday, May 20, 2:00 pm - Firenze-75
Creative Ink Festival

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