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Royal City Literary Arts Society: Tellers of Short Tales

I'm rather excited to announce I'll be participating in this year's Surrey International Writers' Conference, running from October 25-27. Not only will I be presenting two workshops (Story Origins and How to Build a Story), I'll also be offering blue pencil critiques as well as sitting on two panels with some very, very talented people (Plotting Your Novel and The Art of Short Stories). If you're coming to the conference this year, please, stop me and say hello. Or come to one of my sessions. Or sign up for one of my blue pencils. Or meet me at the bar. I haven't been to the SWIC before, so along with the excitement, I'm also feeling a bit nervous and a tad awestruck I was invited in the first place.

Story Origins
Where do writers get their story ideas? In this interactive workshop (combining lecture, participatory exercise, and discussion), not only will we share brainstorming techniques for different types of ideas to arrive at your most authentic material, we’ll also explore taking initial, surface inspirations and developing them into deeper, more complex stories that will capture and hold your reader’s attention.
Plotting Your Novel
Panel dicussion with Hallie Ephron, Diana Gabaldon, John Mavin, Denise Mina, and kc dyer (moderator).
Every great story begins with an idea, but the next step is always a doozy. What makes a compelling plot--and how do you get there? Moderated by kc dyer, best-selling authors Hallie Ephron, Diana Gabaldon, Denise Mina and John Mavin will share a rollicking discussion of their favourite plotting techniques. From meticulous planning to seat-of-the-pantsing--and everything in between--learn tips and tricks from your favourite writers that you can apply to your own work.
The Art of Short Stories
Panel dicussion with Carleigh Baker, Mary Robinette Kowal, John Mavin, Cat Rambo, and Sean Cranbury (moderator).
Short stories are like novels only they save everyone a lot of time. In this panel discussion we'll reveal how can you harness the power and brevity of telling of great stories in shorter formats! Imagine the grandeur of Tolkien in 15 pages or less!
How to Build a Story
Good stories don’t just happen, they're built, and as architects use blueprints, writers need sound structures to create effective emotional journeys for their readers. In this interactive workshop (combining lecture, participatory exercise, and discussion), we'll explore the structural elements shared by all stories (from linear to unconventional), uncover the differences between plot and structure, and give you the tools to build emotionally satisfying stories again and again.

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