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According to my notes, I read 26 published books this year. Which, considering what kind of year 2020 was, I'm counting as a win. According to the math, I read a book every two weeks, but I will admit there was a three month stretch (March, April, and May) where I read absolutely nothing. I just couldn't get into it and I suspect I'm not alone in that regard. Of the books I did read, two stood out as exemplary for me at the time: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody and Gateway by Frederik Pohl.

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody  Gateway by Frederik Pohl 

Here's the complete list of where my mind was in 2020:

  1. Abercrombie, Joe. The Heroes.
  2. Brody, Jessica. Save the Cat! Writes a Novel.
  3. Butcher, Jim. Furies of Calderon.
  4. Chalker, Jack L. A War of Shadows.
  5. Cook, Glen. The Books of the South.
  6. Crichton, Michael. The Andromeda Strain.
  7. de Castell, Sebastien. Traitor's Blade.
  8. Ephron, Hallie. Come and Find Me.
  9. Gazan, Sissel-Jo. The Dinosaur Feather.
  10. Gwynne, John. A Time of Blood.
  11. Gwynne, John. A Time of Courage.
  12. Gwynne, John. A Time of Dread.
  13. Humphreys, Chris. Smoke in the Glass.
  14. Larkwood, A.K. The Unspoken Name.
  15. Lawrence, Mark. Grey Sister.
  16. Lawrence, Mark. Holy Sister.
  17. McLean, Peter. Priest of Bones.
  18. Mina, Denise. Still Midnight.
  19. Pohl, Frederik. Beyond the Blue Event Horizon.
  20. Pohl, Frederik. Gateway.
  21. Sansom, C. J. Heartstone.
  22. Sansom, C. J. Sovereign.
  23. Sansom, C. J. Tombland.
  24. Smith Spark, Anna. The Court of Broken Knives.
  25. Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. Galápagos.
  26. Weir, Andy. Artemis.

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