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  • Radio Creative

    June, 2021: Writer, educator, and gentleman Jim Jackson and I talk about cutting out distractions to creativity and getting done what you need to get done.

  • Just Joshing Episode 496

    February, 2021: Writer/Podcaster Joshua Pantalleresco and I talk about writing, creating video games, languages in storytelling, the importance of recess and much, much more.

  • My Twisted Writer Brain...

    November, 2020: Writer, author, and columnist Faye E. Arcand invited me to talk about writing, imposter syndrome, and my tricks for keeping motivated in this two-part interview published on Faye's blog, My Twisted Writer Brain...
    • Part One (about my experiences and writing in general)
    • Part Two (my top 5 writing tips)

  • Q&A with Joshua Gillingham

    October, 2020: Author Joshua Gillingham asked me questions ranging from what teaching creative writing has brought to my practice as a writer to what draws me to speculative fiction (and most contentiously of all, what's my favourite book store).

  • Just Joshing Episode 257

    May, 2019: Writer/Podcaster Joshua Pantalleresco and I conclude our conversation after the events of Creative Ink. We talk about what people want, random elements in writing, my next book, my career approach and much, much more.

  • Just Joshing Episode 247

    April, 2019: Writer/Podcaster Joshua Pantalleresco and I talk about the role of teachers, whether or not people get what they want, my current work in progress, and Josh being published in OnSpec--all while running the merchants' table at Creative Ink 2019 (hear us chat before we get overrun).

  • The Creative Academy

    November, 2018: In a video now on YouTube, Donna Barker and I talk about how to be a great critique partner.

  • Just Joshing Episode 169

    June, 2018: Writer/Podcaster Joshua Pantalleresco and I talk about Rage, dealing with anger, rejection, writing, teaching, and much, much more.

  • The Toronto Star

    November, 2017: In discussing Canadian story collections, Sarah Murdoch dropped a quick write-up of Rage and said some nice things about my website, too in The Toronto Star.

  • All Lit Up

    November, 2017: the very kind people at All Lit Up shared a few words about Rage in their First Fiction Friday feature.

  • Flashquake

    May, 2012: Social Media Guru Andrea Beltran asked me five questions for a mini-interview with Flashquake.

  • UBC Reports

    August, 2008: Meg Walker of UBC's Public Affairs department talked to me about the teaching I was been doing in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for UBC Reports.

  • Apex Online

    March, 2006: Managing Editor Jason Sizemore asked me a few questions for Issue #16 of Apex Online.