TWS Reading Series

If you find yourself in Vancouver on January 4th, I invite you to the first TWS Reading Series of 2018 to listen as writers Kathryn Lee, D.N. Simmers, Tara McGuire, Graham McGarva, Judy LeBlanc, Natasha Sanders-Kay, Sonja Larsen, and I share our work--all on the same stage (but not at the same time). A long time ago I hosted this reading series and I'm very much looking forward to participating again. The time? 8 p.m. The place? Cottage Bistro (4470 Main Street at East 29th). Hope to see you there.

The Writer's Studio Reading Series

2017 Reading List

This year I discovered Goodreads and took up their Reading Challenge. Looking at some of my past totals, I pledged to read fifty-two books this year, thinking a book a week sounded like a very reasonable goal. However, it turned out to be more of a challenge than I bargained for (and a little anxiety inducing) as I found myself getting bogged down in a few books, abandoning five more as not worth my time, and wondering how on Earth I was ever going to read everything I wanted to in the time I said I would. I even contemplated putting Rage on my list (I did read it over five times cover-to-cover this year as we were getting it ready for publication), but in the end decided not to as I thought it a little cheesy to be counting my own book. However, in the end (with a few sporadic days devoted almost entirely to reading), I did manage to complete the challenge and am happy to be finishing 2017 with fifty-three books read. Whew.

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Goodreads Giveaway


Congratulations to the three winners of my Goodreads Giveaway! Maggie, Stacia, and Faisal your signed copies are in the mail. Thank you to everyone who entered (all 829 of you), those of you who shelved Rage as "Want to Read" (all 296 of you), and those of you who chose to follow me on Goodreads (all 5 of you). I hope you enjoy my stories.